• Celebrating 15 Years of Stewardship Partners! Celebrating 15 Years of Stewardship Partners! This November, Stewardship Partners held their 15th Anniversary party to celebrate many years of empowering landowners to protect the environment. Check out the celebration video and pictures!
  • Adopt-A-Buffer Adopt-A-Buffer Adopt-A-Buffer
  • Snoqualmie Stewardship Snoqualmie Stewardship Snoqualmie Stewardship
  • Rain Gardens Rain Gardens Rain Gardens
  • Salmon-Safe Agriculture Salmon-Safe Agriculture Salmon-Safe Agriculture
  • Salmon-Safe Urban Salmon-Safe Urban Salmon-Safe Urban



  What We Do

Stewardship Partners is a catalyst, empowering landowners to conserve and protect the natural landscapes of Washington state. Through outreach and partnerships, we restore and steward the watersheds of Washington and the Puget Sound.

Photo by Team Photogenic

“I endorse Stewardship Partners because they support the environment, communities and the economy at the same time.”

– Tom Skerritt

12,000 Rain Gardens

Rain Gardens

Working with homeowners to beautify our neighborhoods and keep pollution out of Puget Sound.


Salmon-Safe Puget Sound

Salmon-Safe works to keep our urban and agricultural watersheds clean for native salmon to spawn and thrive.


Snoqualmie Stewardship

Working with small farms, private landowners and others to protect the ecological health and the cultural heritage of the watershed.


Collaborative Conservation

Through Collaborative Conservation, we are able to work with communities in watersheds for a sustainable future.