Since 2002 Stewardship Partners’ has worked with farmers and landowners to protect and restore waterways of the Snoqualmie Valley. Adopt-a-Buffer is Snoqualmie Stewardship’s latest solution to the loss of fish and wildlife habitat, loss of farmland, and increasingly polluted waterways throughout the Snoqualmie Watershed.

Adopt-a-Buffer connects local businesses, groups and individuals with rural landowners and farmers to engage in visible, measurable environmental restoration. Program participants volunteer to restore and maintain habitat buffers, strips of native trees and shrubs, along the Snoqualmie River and its many tributaries. Buffers provide cooling shade, control erosion and provide habitat for hundreds of fish and wildlife species. Trees and shrubs actively absorb air pollution throughout their lifetime, storing carbon and fighting climate change.

Campbell Global receiving their Adopt-a-Buffer certificate in 2016.

You can read more about Campbell Global’s commitment to Adopt-a-Buffer on our blog!


Before and After Buffer


The program includes three sponsorship levels that anyone in the community can participate in.

Blue Fish King
Corporations and businesses invest in a sustainable future by giving back to the environment. Sponsors commit to restoring a buffer on a farm for three years.
Red FishSockeye
Smaller businesses, groups or individuals who commit to a smaller but significant monetary sponsorship.
Green FishCoho
Great for individuals, groups of volunteers and organizations that give back to the community by volunteering on a regular basis. Sponsorship at this level is FREE!

We invite you to join us and grow with our Adopt-a-Buffer program. Your participation our efforts will ensure healthy land, air, and water and a striving economy in the Snoqualmie Valley.

Adopt-a-Buffer Sponsors: 

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 Caring Club



For more information about Adopt-a-Buffer, contact Chris LaPointe at cl@stewardshippartners.org or (206) 292-9875.



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