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Filtering rain runoff reduces its threats to salmon…
The Seattle Times – November 19, 2014
Stormwater runoff that results from everyday activities — oils from leaky cars, pesticides from lawns and other pollutants — killed fish within four hours in a recent study. The salmon were fine when the same water was filtered through a simple mixture of gravel, sand and compost…
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Cash Crop at Feast on the Farm
The Seattle Times – July 29, 2014
“I’m just singing in the rain” David Burger smirked as we clomped through the mud of Local Roots Farm in Duvall last Wednesday for the fifth annual Feast on the Farm…
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New Farms Make a Splash with Salmon-Safe
Stewardship Partners Blog – June 18, 2014
Stewardship Partners recently certified Tonnemaker Family Orchards as Salmon-Safe! Tonnemaker is the largest Salmon-Safe orchard to date, and you can find their products at many farmer’s markets throughout Puget Sound…
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Students learn as they build a garden
SnoValley Star – October 9, 2013
Mud and sporadic rain added to the element of fun when students from Snoqualmie Elementary School helped plant a rain garden at Centennial Fields Park Oct. 2 and 3…
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Salmon-Safe Fresh Hop IPA
New Belgium Brewing – October 3, 2013
Fresh, aromatic, and green as a Leprechaun’s skivvies, Certified Salmon Safe Oregon Hops are picked fresh off the vine and trucked directly to our brew kettle…
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An idyllic farm dinner for Stewardship Partners
The Seattle Times – July 29, 2013
The signs were set up along the trail like Burma-Shave signs on the highway: “Cold … Cocktails … Hot … Dinner.”…
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Salmon-Safe Sippin’ at Wine World
SIP Northwest – May 26, 2013
Usually when we think about salmon and wine, it’s a consideration of how best to pair the one with the other…
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All-around good eggs in Leschi
The Seattle Times – May 7, 2013
This is the house where the Secret Service peered into the chicken coop last May…
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Can Farms save Puget Sound Shellfish?
Crosscut – February 18, 2013
In the fertile Snoqualmie Valley, east of Redmond and thirty minutes from downtown Seattle, a winter treat is almost ready for market …
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Lake Chelan Winery now Salmon-Safe
Great Northwest Wine – February 17, 2013
Hard Row to Hoe Vineyards has become the first vineyard in the Lake Chelan American Viticultural Area to earn Salmon-Safe and LIVE certification …
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Hops farm certified as Salmon-Safe
Capital Press February 8, 2013
Roy Farms Inc., one of the nation’s largest hops farms, is the first in Washington to have acreage certified as Salmon-Safe …
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How Rain Gardens could help clean up Puget Sound
Crosscut – December 10, 2012
If Karrie Kohlhaas had her way, everything that’s happening on the block she lives on in Delridge would be a citywide movement: …
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It takes a cluster to build a rain garden
Sightline – November 26, 2012
As he stands admiring his front-yard rain garden on a recent fall morning, Steve Severin is darn near giddy …
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Leaders in praise of their mentors; a student shares her prize of a year’s worth of wine and salmon
The Seattle Times – October 29, 2012
Teach a man to fish and feed him for a lifetime. But teach a graduate student to tweet, and you can eat pretty well, too …
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Saving Puget Sound, one rain garden at a time
The Seattle Times – June 13, 2011
Decisive action is needed to save Puget Sound from continuous pollution flowing from rainwater runoff…
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Teddy would be proud of these ‘conservatives’
The Seattle Times – June 2, 2003
I’m weary of extremism on environmental issues. Extremists, whether self-anointed “environmentalists” or self-righteous property-rights advocates, distort arguments and gloss over facts…
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The true environmentalists, linking ownership to values
The Seattle Times – February 24, 2002
Farmers on the lower Skykomish River were trying to keep farming in the face of tougher regulations and urban development…
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