Join us in a rain garden campaign to protect Puget Sound!

Washington State University and Stewardship Partners are leading a new groundbreaking campaign to install 12,000 rain gardens in the Seattle/Puget Sound Region!

You can actively participate in this exciting campaign by installing one or more rain gardens in your community. Rain gardens will help your immediate surroundings because they:

  • Reduce water pollution
  • Prevent flooding
  • Increase home values
  • Make for beautiful, low-maintenance landscapes
  • Help your community save millions of dollars in pollution clean-up and expensive stormwater projects







In 2008, we began sharing the idea of rain gardens with homeowners as a way to take ownership of their rainwater and put it to use creating a lush and verdant landscape. These beautiful bowl-shaped gardens catch and clean the runoff that otherwise becomes Puget Sound’s single greatest source of pollution. Rain gardens also create habitat for birds and butterflies, prevent flooding inside and outside of homes, recharge groundwater supplies, and prevent erosion in creeks and streams.

In 2011, we teamed up with Washington State University to launch the 12,000 Rain Gardens Campaign. By combining our experience in building and educating about rain gardens with WSU’s preeminent stormwater research and unparalleled community access through its Master Gardener programs in each county, this unique team created a network of community-based rain garden resource hubs all around Puget Sound.

For more information about rain gardens, check out the 12,000 Rain Gardens for Puget Sound website:


Neighbors Fight Stormwater Pollution by Building Rain Gardens from EarthFix on Vimeo.


“This rain garden solved flooding, improved my home’s appearance and value, and is helping the environment.”

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Puyallup, Wash.