Celebrate Earth Month with Stewardship Partners

The sun is starting to poke out from behind the clouds and temperatures are rising, and that can only mean one thing here in the Stewardship Partners office; more time in the field! After a long, cold winter cooped up in the office, we are all very exited to get outside for some hands-on restoration work.

To celebrate Earth Month, the Stewardship Partners staff will be spending a day working on our new buffer, Stewardship Point. You can get involved and become a stewardship partner too!

During the month of April, the Snoqualmie Stewardship program will be hosting our annual Earth Month celebration with four Adopt-a-Buffer restoration events open to the public! On each Saturday of the month, the Snoqualmie Stewardship crew will be out at some of our current projects restoring critical habitat along the Snoqualmie River and its associated tributaries and they’d love for you to join them. Find out more about each of these volunteer events here!

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