Heat Wave Rocks the PNW

Our team has been dwelling heavily on the global climate crisis after the Pacific Northwest experienced a brutal heat wave at the end of June. It is hard to ignore climate change when met with temperatures well over 100 degrees Fahrenheit, breaking previous temperature records in many places. As we all recovered from the heat, stories and data started emerging about the incredible loss of life our communities and ecosystem suffered. According to the Seattle Times, British Columbia reported over 700 people suffered unexpected death during the heat wave. Wildlife was also killed off by the heat, with our beloved PNW shellfish cooking alive.

We encourage you to take a moment to read through the news stories covering those brutal days and the affect it had on our environment. While it is unpleasant to look these harsh realities in the face, it is important to recognize and understand the impacts of climate change. If we do not continue to advocate for stewardship of our environment, our communities might be looking at extreme heat waves and drought becoming the norm. Something that we are confident most of us do not want to live with.

Crushing heat wave in Pacific Northwest and Canada cooked shellfish alive by the millions (The Seattle Times)

Like in ‘Postapocalyptic Movies’: Heat Wave Killed Marine Wildlife en Masse 
(The New York Times)

Heat Wave Killed An Estimated 1 Billion Sea Creatures, And Scientists Fear Even Worse

Study: Northwest heat wave impossible without climate change 

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