Nash’s Organic Produce: Echoing sustainability priorities through Salmon-Safe

What is Nash’s Organic Produce’s priority when it comes to farming?

Nash’s crew member Sydney with some fresh broccoli from the farm.

We work to create a food system that is capable of supporting our community in the long-term. This system must be sustainable, and that means organic. Protecting farmland from rampant development and training young farmers to carry on the work in the future are also critical to the sustainability of the local food system. Equally important is the continued development and selection of organic, open-pollinated seed, not just for our farm, but for organic farmers everywhere.

Why did you decide to become Salmon-Safe certified? What about the program drew you in?

Working with the environment, not exploiting it, is the spirit behind the original organic movement, of which Nash Huber is a part. Nash decided to farm organically back in the 60’s and 70’s because he believed he could produce healthy food for the community while protecting environmental quality for all wildlife, and maintaining healthy soil and water. Excellent water quality and having adequate amounts of water in the salmon-bearing Dungeness River is as important to Nash and his team as having healthy crops. Salmon are vital to the Northwest, culturally and ecologically. We recognize that value, not just for our local tribes, but for the environment as a whole.

What does the Salmon-Safe label mean to your consumers?

We have found that generally, our customers seek out organic food for their own health, but many of them are also keenly aware of how important salmon are to our region, and how important a healthy watershed is. We display our Salmon-Safe signs at our Store and farmers markets because it reinforces the concept for our customers that how we farm is as important as what we farm when it comes to the environment and well-being of all species
in our area.


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