Help Puget Sound Orcas

What is Stewardship Partners doing to help Puget Sound Orcas?

Our Southern Resident Killer Whale population has been in the national spotlight and it hasn’t been good news with no new calves born in the last three years.  There are many factors for the decline in the 30-year low population relating to pollution, habitat, food supply, etc., and Stewardship Partners directly worked to solve these.

Orcas rely heavily on Chinook salmon, another endangered species, making our work to restore habitat and keep our waters clean one of the most important actions we can do to help orcas.  It’s clear that we are at a critical time for our Southern Resident orcas, and we urge you to take action to protect and restore habitat.

Read the Southern Resident Orca Task Force recommendations here. 

We are working to reduce toxins in the orca’s home and food through promoting green infrastructure which include rain gardens, green roofs and cisterns.  We are also focused on increasing or restoring Chinook salmon habitat in Puget Sound with a focus on the Snoqualmie River one of the last wild runs in King County so that more fish can spawn and thrive.  Also look for the Salmon-Safe label when shopping at your local grocery store.  Salmon-Safe certifies produce, eggs, dairy and meats grown by local farms that follow sustainable land management practices.

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