Our Updated Strategic Plan

Stewardship Partners recently completed updating our Strategic Plan through 2028.  This is our blueprint that will drive the actions needed to achieve our mission of engaging communities as caretakers of the land and water.  One of the key strategies included in the plan is to create a much larger impact across the region by incubating and testing new solutions. We will then share those solutions with others to replicate and scale.

When Chris Bayley founded Stewardship Partners, he set out to engage landowners in actions that could make a difference – for them and our region. His insight that engagement of every stakeholder matters in caring for our land and water is the reason for our success in finding solutions.  Two decades later, we are recommitting to engaging all people in innovative, inclusive, science-based action that ensures the bounty of our region continues for generations. We look forward to keeping our friends and supporters updated on our progress with our five-year plan.  

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