Sustainability Month with Duke’s Seafood & Chowder House!

Something great is cooking this April! Our long-time partners at Duke’s Seafood & Chowder House are hosting their Sustainability Month, raising awareness about Stewardship Partners, the Salmon-Safe program and other companies committed to protecting our land and water. Throughout the month of April, a portion of special menu items at all seven locations will be donated to Stewardship Partners.  Whether you’re in the mood for some steamer clams, stuffed Alaska whitefish, or smoked wild salmon and prawn gnocchi, it is sure to be a delicious, sustainable and impactful meal out!

Duke’s is also featuring two wineries certified by the Salmon-Safe label this month: Chateau Ste. Michelle’s Cold Creek vineyard, and Erath’s Willakia vineyard. For every bottle of these Salmon-Safe wines purchased, $1 will be donated to Stewardship Partners. Additionally, $1 of every whiskey sour made with local Woodinville Whiskey will be donated to Stewardship Partners.

Beyond their support in stores during their Sustainability Month, Duke’s is getting down and dirty to protect native salmon! Through their annual Duke’s Day event, Duke’s team of 26 managers, chefs,

and even Duke himself will be shoveling dirt and planting trees alongside Stewardship Partners’ restoration crew to help restore salmon habitat along the banks of the Snoqualmie River as a partner with the Adopt-a-Buffer program.

As a seafood restaurant, everyone working for Duke’s understands the importance of sustainable land-use practices and restoration activities when it comes to protecting our wild fish stocks. “Lack of healthy river habitat remains one of the Chinook’s biggest challenges. By planting native trees and shrubs along the banks of the Snoqualmie, we are providing shady spots where fish love to hide, and reducing farm runoff because the tree’s roots act like filters. Local farmers also benefit from a healthy riparian buffer because it helps control the flooding of their land,” say Duke Moscrip. “Everyone wins. The fish, the local farmers, and salmon-lovers.”

Thank you to Duke and his entire team not only for their support this April, but also the work they have done with us since 2013.

Interested in following Duke’s lead? Check out how your company/organization can get involved in our Adopt-a-Buffer program!

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